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Business always combines business acumen and risk. Hence, all basic instruments for development and extension of business are risky including credits for property purchase, company development etc. Though, there are sound risks and immensely crime-related risks. One of latter risks comprises loss of a going concern due to a raider attack, loss of management or any other scheme.  

Now, we shall review two absolute real situations that occurred one after another.

Situation No 1
On the way of business development you decided to purchase a property. In part you invested your own money and in part you borrowed it. In an ordinary situation you submit a loan application to a bank. This is a normal and effective business instrument. In our situation a borrower has chosen Absolute Commercial Joint Stock Bank.    

Negotiations resulted in a covenant theoretically providing the bank with risk insurance and ensuring development of the going concern. In particular, a bank's officer has joined the founders of the company being the owner of a property. You remain the Director of the going concern.
Essentially, the credit comprises a REPO transaction. Schematically, the bank purchases stocks of the going concern and undertakes to resell them at a stated time. Actually, you rent your company to the bank for a certain period of time. Well, debts are not always payable… 

And once upon a time which does not seem enjoyable you find that you are not the director any more. The founder (the mentioned bank's officer) dismissed you and the going concern which you do not manage any more has stopped to pay back the credit.

You have the following: the credit is not repaid, and you are deprived of the building which goes under the bank's ownership. One of the founders of your company is also the bank's officer, and you are not the Director and an employee of the company. Sure, according to documents the building has not been purchased at its true price. Therefore, you won't get your money either. Finally you lose your company, money, and property though you have not committed any illegal actions, fulfilled your liabilities, and successfully managed your company before the events.

Situation No 2
Now, we shall describe one more alternative of the absolute raider attack. This time, it is undertaken in compliance with purely gangster scheme. Generally, the situation and output are the same: capture of your company and other property. In form this is absolute rubbish.
Again, you made up your mind to extend your business. To do so, you borrowed money from a bank, added a significant amount of your own money and purchased a property. 

But what is happening is as follows. Due to fraudulent actions, all the companies wherein you are a founder are documented in behalf of other people. And these are your companies with property on balance which you purchased and paid borrowed and your own money. Now you are none in the companies. This is a usual output of the "black" raider attack.   

Next, gangs of people armed with crowbars and fitter's tools suddenly invade into the offices of your companies. The leader of one of such gangs produces "documents" which read that he is now the owner of your companies. What is more, you personally transferred 100% shares in the authorized capital to him. Sure, you may disagree and insist that you have not transferred anything to anybody, but…

The called police withdraw while employees of a private security firm let the raiders in. They open rooms and capture all documents they find, including your personal papers. Also, they even get away personal computers and car keys, absolutely everything.     
The facility is captured in a "black raider fashion".

The prospects are fearful. Now you do not have companies and property. The only thing you may do is to camp on courts' doorsteps in attempt to initiate proceedings. You start struggling against raiders in the arbitration and criminal procedures. It takes months and time is lost.  

The companies that you have been deprived of and you may not mange any more stop to pay back credits. And quite legally the facilities being the target of credits you borrowed go under ownership of the Absolute Bank. You are none in the companies and may not somehow resist capture of the property.
Theoretically, in a few years of struggle and court proceedings you may get back the companies. But this is senseless, since property belongs to the bank and has been sold; movable property has bee sold, profitable contracts, if any, have been re-concluded by another business entity which is not yours. Make no mistake, you won't return your money but spent a lot. Naturally, you won't get back the money you invested in purchasing property.
One thing is to be well understood: who is to gain from it? Who has got everything you lost? And where did those "black raiders" come from?

The answer is clear. These are absolute raider attacks. 


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